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Dear Librarians,

TRITCHEON HASH is a rarity in science fiction. Not only is it fast-paced and full of the wow factor, it's also issue-oriented and full of cultural comment. On the surface it's a humorous look at sexual stereotypes. Beyond that it wonders what really is the difference between men and women. Are we doomed from the outset due to our genes?

"In this smart, entertaining sci-fi tale, conflict between men and women has reached interplanetary proportions. Lange begins her tale in the year 3011 on the planet of Coney Island, to which the women of Earth decamped when they realized, in the 22nd century, that 'men just would not behave.' Against a vivid sci-fi backdrop, Lange brings a light touch to heavy material, with a fast-paced, funny story to boot." - Kirkus

"Funny, perceptive and hard-hitting by turns - welcome to a new and witty voice in sf satire." -John Grant, co-editor, The Encyclopedia of Fantasy

Sue Lange
Tritcheon Hash / Sue Lange / Book View Cafe / Kindle Edition
Price: $4.99 / ISBN: 978-1611381030 / Published: October, 2011
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