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Larissa Ione

Dear Librarians,

The Grim Reaper, Azagoth, has always been one of my favorite characters. I gave the Keeper of Evil Souls a happily-ever-after in the first book of the Demonica Underworld series, AZAGOTH, but I wasn't done with him.

A core character in the Demonicaverse, he had a larger role to play.

Now, in the most consequential Demonica novel yet, Azagoth's role is revealed when an ancient enemy abducts his mate and triggers a chain of events whose fallout will be felt for decades to come.

Don't miss the novel that brings an explosive conclusion to all three Demonica/Lords of Deliverance series and sets the stage for a new one.

This changes everything...

See you in the future,

Larissa Ione
Reaper / Larissa Ione / Evil Eye Concepts / Paperback
Price: $15.14 / ISBN: 978-1970077445 / Published: October, 2019
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