These Things Happen By Michael Eon        
These Things Happen
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Michael Eon

Shari L. Hochberg

Dear Librarians,

I am so thrilled to share my debut collection of real and humorous stories that I wrote following a semi-traumatic layoff and month long trip roaming the streets from Paris to Milan. You can read about my embarrassing childhood with a gynecologist father and fantasy visions of two celebrities in a mad chase for my affection through Lake Como.

Some reader reviews, "I am so glad you got laid off" and "Hilarious, Honest and Heartfelt."

Thank you!
Shari Hochberg
I Got Laid Off, Traveled and Wrote This Story / Shari L. Hochberg / Shari L Hochberg / Paperback; 272 pages
Price: $13.99 / ISBN: 978-0615707426 / Published: January, 2013
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