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John Hart

Dear Librarians,

IRON HOUSE is the story of orphaned brothers torn apart at an early age, a story of loyalty and fear, of courage, faith and betrayal. When a boy dies at their hardscrabble orphanage, Michael and Julian face an unknown peril, the kind that comes with cops and consequence. Determined to protect his weaker brother, Michael flees into a snowstorm and takes the blame with him. Alone on the streets of New York, he grows into a violent man, a lover and a father-to-be, a reluctant killer who wants out of the life. He almost makes it, too, but when circumstance puts his brother back in the crosshairs, Michael flees New York with a price on his head and the mob in hot pursuit. A different risk faces him in North Carolina - bodies and secrets, the mystery of his own terrible past - but no one knows more about hard choice than Michael. No one is more capable, and no one loves more deeply...

I love the way this book turned out, and hope you do as well.

Sincere best wishes,
John Hart
Iron House / John Hart / Thomas Dunne Books / Hardcover; 432 Pages
Price: $25.99 / ISBN: 978-0312380342 / Published: July, 2011
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