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Dear Librarians,

BOCA DAZE is the third book in the Boca Trilogy; Boca Knights, Boca Mournings and BOCA DAZE. The novels revolve around the raucous adventures of Eddie Perlmutter, formerly Boston's most promoted, demoted, fearless police detective. In 2004, fifty nine year old Eddie retires to Boca Raton. His retirement lasts one day and he is back to crime fighting and mayhem.

In BOCA DAZE, Eddie is a popular sixty one year old Boca detective with more cases and problems than he can handle; a dangerous drug dealer from Liberty City, Miami; a Palm Beach fraud running the biggest Ponzi scheme in history; the billion dollar pill mill industry; dishonest Catholic Priests and a murder in Boca's homeless community. In the midst of mayhem he tries to save sea turtles and his own sixty one year old libido.

Writing about Eddie is like reporting on a hurricane — not everything is destroyed but a lot gets blown away.

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Boca Daze / Steven M. Forman / Forge Books / Hardcover: 352 pages
Price: $25.99 / ISBN: 978-0765328762 / Published: January, 2012
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