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Every Time We Say Goodbye
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Happily Ever Maybe
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Carrie Ann Ryan

Andy Feld

Dear Librarians,

Our society has reached an evolutionary tipping point, and most people sense it! The global economic crisis, the politics of government, violence, lack of self responsibility, and decline of business integrity has us on the verge of collapse. This time it's not just another cycle. Where are the answers and why is no one stepping forward to lead us in a great transformation? Time is running out unless we urgently begin to make the choices and changes required. My book offers hope, optimism, and specific tools for today and future generations.

"It's time to wake up, and this book will help. You get to choose where you will be when the tipping starts. It helps to have a guide and this is a good one" —William Gladstone, author of THE TWELVE and THE GOLDEN MOTORCYCLE GANG, producer of the Film, TAPPING THE SOURCE.

My very best,
Andy Feld
We're Tipping Over / Andy Feld / iUniverse / Paperback: 144 pages
Price: $10.95 / ISBN: 978-1462058310 / Published: November, 2011
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