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Rachel Van Dyken

Dear Librarians,

I'm so excited to bring you back to the Mafia Royals series where loyalty reigns supreme!

Tank De Lange has to make a choice, stay with the FBI or join the enemy and he only has two more weeks before his number is called up. It should be an easy decision except one gorgooues woman stands in the way, Kartini Abandonato. He hates her as much as he loves her. As their vacation in Mexico comes to a close, he finally faces the truth of his future: if he doesn't save her, she dies and takes his heart right along with her.

Find out what happens in MAFIA KING, and don't forget I'm giving away five free copies; write to for a chance to win!

Mafia King / Rachel Van Dyken / Evil Eye Concepts, Inc. / Paperback

Price: $9.99 / ISBN: 978-1951812270 / Published: April, 2021
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