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Maggie Brendan

Dear Librarians,

My love affair with Blue Willow china began as a little girl when my oldest brother gave me a Blue Willow tea set for Christmas. The Blue Willow china, gracing my hutch today, inspired the idea for my new series, The Blue Willow Brides. The china remains a thread throughout the series, beginning with DEEPLY DEVOTED. It explores our devotion to the most important people in our lives, despite the costs, and the reflection of God's devotion to us.

DEEPLY DEVOTED introduces Catharine Olsen, a mail-order bride arriving in America from Holland with the residual pain of a tragic past, her mother's Blue Willow china, and has her two younger sisters in tow. Catharine finds a love that enraptures both her heart and mind with Peter, but is troubled by Peter's mother's endeavors to sabotage their precious marriage. She becomes terrified that her haunting past will be discovered.

Deeply Devoted / Maggie Brendan / Revell / Paperback; 332 Pages
Price: $14.99 / ISBN: 978-0800734626 / Published: September, 2011
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