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These Things Happen
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Scott-Vincent Borba

Dear Librarians,

"Beauty is in the... belly of the beholder?" This is one of the concepts that will change the way readers look at skin care when I share secrets I use with my celebrity clients in, SKINTERVENTION: THE PERSONALIZED SOLUTION FOR HEALTHIER, YOUNGER AND FLAWLESS-LOOKING SKIN.

SKINTERVENTION is a fun and easy fix to skin-care challenges filled with skin care trivia, diy fixes, and skin-healthy meal options. Included are routines the stars use to get them "red-carpet ready" and exciting recipes that I've created to get you beautiful from the inside out.

Five people are welcome to a free copy of SKINTERVENTION. Just write my publicist at: After reading this book, readers will feel empowered, enlightened and ready to face (no pun intended!) their skin-care challenges.

Here's to your inner and outer radiance,

Scott-Vincent Borba
Skintervention / Scott-Vincent Borba / HCI / Paperback; 240 Pages
Price: $14.95 / ISBN: 978-0757315527 / Published: December, 2010
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