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Lexi Blake

Steve Berry & M.J. Rose

Dear Librarians,

Tragedy has found Cassiopeia Vitt. The woman she admires most, Esmerelda Fontana, has been brutally murdered. Then Cassiopeia's castle rebuilding project is viciously attacked. Are the two incidents related? The answer comes when her old friend, Nicodème L'Etoile, is threatened and she finds herself drawn into a tangled web of revenge that leads straight to the person she loves the most...

Cotton Malone.

And his life will depend on what she does next.

From the rocky coasts of northern Spain, to the ancient forests of southern France, and finally into Italy and the oldest surviving republic in the world, Cassiopeia must confront a man obsessed with her destruction. And the choices she has to make will be the toughest she's ever faced. Life and death decisions that force her to... the end of forever.

We hope you enjoy the newest Cassiopeia Vitt adventure.

Steve Berry & M.J. Rose
The End of Forever / Steve Berry & M.J. Rose / Blue Box Press / Paperback

Price: $9.99 / ISBN: 978-1952457524 / Published: July, 2021
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