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Cyrus A. Ansary

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Chock-full of anecdotes told with passion and humor, ODYSSEY OF HIGH HOPES is a memoir about a boy's harrowing, captivating, and sometimes funny rollercoaster ride across the slopes of the American dream.

From the dark and crime-infested tenements of South Tehran to the pinnacle of global finance, comes the inspiring story of a skinny teenager's hell-for-leather determination to rise above poverty and obscurity to secure a coveted American education.

From a former Marine and Columbia Law School graduate, the book bring you a searing and deeply moving narrative about the struggle for survival in America. Shining a light on the challenges of the young, the memoir is a heartwarming and thought-provoking perspective on their hardships.

Cyrus A. Ansary
Odyssey of High Hopes / Cyrus A. Ansary / Lambert Publications / Paperback

Price: $12.00 / ISBN: 978-1732687936 / Published: April, 2022
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