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David Poyer

Dear Librarians,

You probably have several of Dave Poyer's 40-plus novels on your shelves already. HUNTER KILLER continues the story of a world war with the US and our allies pitted against China, North Korea, and Iran. Publishers Weekly says "Intense and bloody only begin to describe the realism of the combat scenes," but the book is thought-provoking, too, with its exploration of how a war between two nuclear-armed states might be brought to an end without massive destruction on both sides.

Captain David Poyer is the most popular living author of American sea fiction. His work has been required reading at Annapolis.

David Poyer
Hunter Killer / David Poyer / St.Martin's Press / Hardcover
Price: $27.99 / ISBN: 978-1250097958 / Published: November, 2017
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